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People, Places and Things

I keep meaning to write. It’s just that finishing a novel is a little taxing. And there’s been a lot going on! I got a new haircut. I’m re-training my dog so he doesn’t jump on people. I’ve been oiling the butcher block.

But I suppose none of those things matter when I get to 2016 (Jesus. 2016!!) and look back and I’ve posted a grand total of four times. (Ahem. Looking at you, last year.)

So, alright. What should we talk about? I feel quite shy about sharing some of the real news in my life – the things I’ve been really thinking about, the rope swings my brain wants to be on. I’ve written here before about dating and love and, you know, Who Am I, but I hesitate to do that now. I don’t want the people who know and love me to read anything into what I’m writing – just to read it.

In the meantime – I’ve been reading and greatly enjoying Robert Graves’ Goodbye to All That. I’m on a big WWI poets/memoirists/fiction writers kick. This was recommended to me by Phil Klay at a recent book signing for his truly excellent book, Redeployment. Talk about a brain crush. That book was the perfect thing to bring me down from finishing Wondermelt in January – intense, funny, dark, veterans-centric and with a heavy focus on youthful characters. Anyway, Graves is a superstar and this is everything Phil made it out to be.

One of my favorite bits is his recollection of how his mother ended bedtime stories or jokes or fables. They always finished with her saying, “So! Flap!” Perfection. I’ve used this several times (in brain only, don’t worry) and been highly amused along the way.

So – here’s to being more present in this space, and to adjusting in others. Flap!

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