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Left Coast Proper

Greetings from the other side! After nearly 10 (grueling) years in New York, I’ve moved to San Francisco, land of the homeless and the hoodied.

The biggest adjustment so far has been the pace. People don’t seem to like jaywalking. They say hello in elevators (they even want to push the buttons for you, which…?). Everyone wants to chat all the time. I’m thinking I’ll have to slow my physical self down quite a lot.  I’m also expecting a bit of brain adjusting. Honoring the balance between working and playing seems to be much more of a priority (thank the lord jesus) and I’m going to have to power down my habits of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk. Or just being at my desk in general.

This will allow more time for writing, which is, as we know, a high priority. Perhaps I’ll even start working on some shorter pieces and do that whole thing where you rack up credentials and “get your name out there” by publishing in journals. You know, instead of grinding out novels and then pitching agents for….ever.

In any case, I think big changes are on the horizon. At least, when I can see the horizon over the hills.

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