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I just reached my one-year anniversary of being in San Francisco and so much has happened and yet I feel so little has happened. I am falling — knowingly — into the old pattern of viewing milestones through goalposts. There were things I’d hoped would have happened, gotten started, been solved by now. What did I *do* this entire year?

And then, I suppose, I have to remind myself that I broke up with a boyfriend and moved across the country and arrived here and started a new job in a new place and so perhaps a few things that are status quo are actually successes. But if not, are you allowed to be comforted by failure?

I use a couple of tracker apps to share my PII/manage/monitor my habits and ensure that the things I’ve chosen to prioritize are actually receiving my attention. It’s incredible to see how often I think of Madrid and how little I practice Spanish. I wouldn’t have realized that before. It’s one of the habits I’d like to counter.

There are a few others, and I assume there always will be. I am curious to see which are still around at this time next year.

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