Molly, 38, grew up on a beef-cattle farm in the Allegheny Mountains. She is the author of All Downhill from Ivan Puffenbarger, a book of humorous personal essays, and is currently seeking representation for Wondermelt, a coming-of-age novel about summer camp and the war in Afghanistan.

Molly has been published in The RS500, on Bloomberg.com and in The Washington Post. In 2015, she participated in the Words After War summer writing intensive at Marlboro College and in their winter workshop hosted by NYU’s Cultures of War Research Collaborative. She is a member of The Writer’s Room in New York.

She graduated from the University of Virginia and has a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Molly worked as a reporter and editor at Bloomberg News before transitioning to executive communications roles at J.P. Morgan, Google and Genentech.

After nearly 10 years in New York, she now lives and works in San Francisco. She spends time singing at a local synagogue, meandering through Golden Gate Park and taking months (and occasionally, years) to reply to texts and emails. She is an active volunteer with several non-profits and aid groups that support Afghan and Iraqi interpreters, allies and resettled refugees.