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New, new, new!

Hi, all. Welcome to the new site! After several weeks of fussing, we’ve fully migrated over. Many thanks to graphic designer Christine Tian for her hard work. I hope the payment of one (1) blueberry pie and two dozen (2 dozen) chocolate-chip cookies was sufficient for your troubles.

I’m going to maintain my distance here and not post terrifically often – how does twice a month sound to you? fine? yes? – because I’m still thrashing through rewrites on Wondermelt and because I have some other delightful writing news. For the next 3+ months, I’ll be participating in the Words After War winter writing workshop, hosted by NYU’s Cultures of War Research Collaborative. It’s been a crazy year, but getting back into the classroom feels like a great decision.

So! Let me know what you think of the new layout. And happy autumn.

xx Molly

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